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3CM is a limited liability company in New Hampshire. It is an outgrowth of the MacArthur Initiative on Depression and Primary Care. The Initiative was a ten-year project with the goal of making an impact nationally on the treatment and outcome of depression in primary care. The Initiative culminated in the development of the Three Component Model (3CM) of depression management in primary care. 3CM was tested in a five-site national trial called RESPECT-Depression. The MacArthur Foundation charged the Initiative to continue disseminating its work after the end of Foundation funding. Of several possible mechanisms discussed with the Foundation and Dartmouth College (the official grantee of the MacArthur Foundation for the Initiative), a limited liability company was chosen and formed. The purpose of 3CM, LLC is to provide education and consultation on the design and implementation of the Three Component Model for mental health care delivery in primary care practices. 3CM, LLC works with health care organizations, insurance plans, and government agencies that are interested in using or adapting the Three Component Model.

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