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Your antidepressant medication is NOT ADDICTIVE OR HABIT FORMING.
They are NOT uppers:they are NOT downers
It is safe for you to take according to your provider's orders.
If you are using alcohol or other drugs, please discuss this with your provider.
Did you know? Antidepressants only work if taken every day!

Target symptoms for antidepressant medications are:
  1. sleep
  2. appetite
  3. concentration
  4. mood
  5. energy
It takes time for your medication to work.
Most people begin to feel better in 1-4 weeks.
Don't give up if you don't feel better right away.

Let's talk about side effects:
Always ask your pharmacist for a print-out of side effects for your medications.
Your provider wants you to know about these:
1) __________________ 2) __________________ 3) __________________

The first week is the hardest.
Some people have mild side effects, but they don't feel the medicine working yet.
Try to stick it out.
The side effects usually go away in a few days and the medicine should start to work soon.

    If you're thinking about stopping your medication, CALL YOUR PROVIDER FIRST.    

  IMPORTANT things for YOU to do:
  1. Keep all your appointments
  2. Take the medicine exactly as your provider prescribes - even if you feel better
  3. TALK TO YOUR PROVIDER - ask questions; tell how you feel
  4. If you forget a dose DO NOT DOUBLE DOSE -
         take your next dose at the regular time

  Stop taking your medication and call the clinic if any of the following happen:
  1. rash
  2. severe side effects
  3. ____________________
  4. ____________________
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