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Advisory to Patients:
Materials in this section are provided for use by primary care clinicians and care managers working with patients with depression. Individuals seeking treatment for themselves or others with depression are advised to contact a primary care clinician for treatment. These materials are not intended for patient use without supervision by a primary care clinician or mental health specialist. Please contact your primary care clinician directly for assistance.

For Clinicians and Care Managers
Written materials have been developed for education of patients with depression while in treatment with a primary care clinician. Clinicians may choose to provide a selection of these educational pieces to patients at the time of diagnosis of depression or when a treatment modification is required. In addition, care managers may utilize the handouts to help focus patient discussions around self management of depression and key instructional messages regarding use of antidepressants. Materials in this section will be useful in encouraging patient adherence to the primary care clinicianís prescribed treatment plan for depression. (Click here to download Acrobat Reader for PDFs)

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