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The MacArthur Foundation Initiative on Depression and Primary Care has created a Depression Tool Kit, which is intended to help primary care clinicians recognize and manage depression. The Tool Kit includes easy to use instruments and information sources to assist with:
  1. Recognizing and diagnosing depression;
  2. Educating patients about depression, assessing treatment preferences, engaging their participation and explaining the process of care;
  3. Using evidence-based guidelines and management tools for treating depression; and
  4. Monitoring patient response to treatment.
This tool kit has been developed through the Initiative for primary care clinicians caring for their patients who suffer from major depression. The intent is to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based "one-stop" resource that helps primary care clinicians provide excellent care to their patients. Many of the tools will also be useful for managing chronic depression and minor depression.

The Tool Kit includes diagnostic tools such as the PHQ-9, other diagnostic aids, patient education materials, clinical strategies, a medication guide and other materials that have been developed from evidence-based sources, including recently published multi-site trials. Tools in the Appendices are backed by either specific efficacy or effectiveness studies or consensus of the Initiative Steering Committee. The components of the Tool Kit can be used selectively or together to implement the Three Component Model. Clinicians intending to implement the Three Component Model (3CM) may want to review the Training Manuals available on this web site. Copyright is held by the authors of specific tools or by 3CM, LLC. Individuals accessing the Tool Kit information for use in clinical settings should take time to review the legal section of this website (click here).

Instructions for Accessing the Tool Kit Information:
The Depression Management Tool Kit is available in pdf format (click here to download Acrobat Reader for PDFs). To view or download, click here to agree to our terms and then proceed to the download page.

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