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This manual is one of a series (primary care clinician, care manager, psychiatrist, health care organization) designed as part of a comprehensive depression management enhancement program. The program has a strong evidence base including a randomized controlled trial in 60 practices. This manual is specifically designed to assist a psychiatrist learn how to serve as the key mental health component in a Three Component Model (3CM) of depression management in primary care. Primary care clinicians and care managers (the other two components) have separate manals to learn about the 3CM. A video/DVD illustrating a case example of the model should be reviewed by the psychiatrist in conjunction with reviewing this manual.

A variety of epidemiological studies have demonstrated the high prevalence of depressive disorders in primary care. Close to half of all treated depression is treated in primary care practices. Despite many barriers, primary care clinicians do a good job at managing depression. Primary care clinicians place a high priority on recognizing and treating their patients who are suffering from depression, but the obstacles to optimal care are formidable. Excellent care for chronic diseases such as depression is more achievable when there is a well-developed system for care.

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