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After training, the care manager will be able to:
  1. Describe the role of the care manager in assisting patients to adhere to prescribed treatment plans.

  2. Understand the care manager supervision process in providing follow up support for patients and primary care clinicians.

  3. Understand the depression measure of the Patient Health Questionnaire and how it is used as a treatment response measure.

  4. List the seven key educational messages known to improve patient outcomes that should be delivered initially and reinforced in subsequent care manager contacts.

  5. List six self-management goals used as a tool in the treatment of depression.


The care manager will acquire skills to:
  1. Score the Patient Health Questionnaire to assess symptoms and severity of depression both initially and in follow up contacts.

  2. Use focused questions to evaluate suicidal risk.

  3. Use patient education materials to promote adherence to the management plan including self-management goals.

  4. Conduct initial one week, four-week, eight-week, PRN and all subsequent care management calls using the care manager call log to guide calls.

  5. Complete Care Manager Reports to effectively communicate call outcomes and patient status to the Primary Care Clinician.

  6. Prepare the weekly agenda form for efficient care management supervision with the supervising psychiatrist.

  7. Present patient cases in a clear, concise and organized manner for care management supervision calls.

  8. Follow through with recommendations resulting from the care management supervision call.

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