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The Care Manager Training Manual contains information to prepare staff for the care manager role in the 3CM and will also serve as a areference source. DVDs are used to illustrate key aspects of the depression care management process.

The original Three Component Model demonstration video for clinicians remains available but clinicians need to modify their approach to fit the population they serve. Our colleagues in Miami have provided a demonstration of how they modify the Three Component Model approach for the population they serve.
  • The Three Component Model of Depression Care Management (Original)
    - click here to view video
    Written by Tom Oxman, Sheila Barry, and Allen Dietrich
    Produced by DHMC Productions
    The Players:
    Darri Johnson: The patient. Don Kollisch: The primary care physician. Charlotte Winchell: The care manager. Tom Oxman: The psychiatrist.

  • The Three Component Model of Depression Care Management (Miami Style)
    - click here to view video
    Written by Erika Arias and David Brown
    Directed by David Brown & Erika Arias
    Produced By Devin Browne & David Brown
    Director of Photography Randall Richards. Editor Randall Richards
    The Players:
    Gabriela Fonseca: Maria, the patient. Adriana Hurtado: The family physician. Erika Arias: The care manager. David Brown: The psychiatrist.

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