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When clinicians are unable to attend the two-hour workshop, a one-hour program was designed to summarize the key points of the Three Component Model and to be delivered in an office or other small room. A shortened PowerPoint slide presentation and the DVD/video format of the audio-visual presentation can be used on the same laptop computer. For practices that are simply unable to find or commit to a mutually agreeable two-hour workshop time, the academic detailing (Ref 1, Ref 2 ) version is a secondary method of providing clinician education. The presenter should be familiar with the manual and guide for the two-hour workshop. A one page facilitator guide for use during the academic detailing presentation is available. The guide includes references to pages in the Clinician Participant Manual. To speed up the presentation, the facilitator can copy the specific pages from the manual as a separate handout which can be used and is also referred to in the one page guide.
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