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Cover  |  Preface  |  Table of Contents  |  Agenda  |  Workshop Objectives  |  Step 1. - Recognition & Diagnosis


After the two-hour workshop and one follow up reunion meeting 6-8 weeks later (relevant objectives in italics), participants will be able to:
  1. State the two question screen for depression and how it can be used to identify patients suspected of suffering from depression or from among those presenting with red flag complaints suggestive of depression.

  2. Use focused questions to evaluate suicidal risk.

  3. Describe the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) and how this severity instrument can be used as an adjunct for diagnostic and severity assessment.

    • Minor depression

    • Chronic depression (or dysthymia)

    • Major depression

  4. Use PHQ-9 scores with a related algorithm to assist in making appropriate initial and follow-up treatment choices

  5. List and use patient education messages known to improve patient outcomes.

  6. Describe the role of the Care Manager and the Care Manager Supervision process and use these resources in providing follow-up support for patients.

  7. Describe medication, referral, and consultation strategies to assist patients who do not respond adequately to initial management.

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