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The Three Component Model (3CM) is a specific clinical model for depression. The 3CM is a systematic approach that includes tools, routines, and a team approach to patient care. The three components include the prepared primary care clinician and practice, care management, and a collaborating mental health specialist.

The Prepared Practice refers to education for both the primary care clinician (PCC) and the office staff about skills needed for use of a depression diagnosis and response measure and the use of communication forms and routines. To download a training manual for clinicians, please click here. Overall educational plan for the prepared practice includes predisposing, enabling, and reinforcing activities. The effectiveness of the initial predisposing program is increased by DVD/videos (a primary care physician and care manager role modeling the major process tasks).

Care manager training covers skills necessary to help patients follow through with the depression management plans developed by their PCC. In addition, patient treatment responses are reviewed by the care manager with the supervising psychiatrist during care manager supervision calls. The care manager has frequent and sustained contacts with the patient, providing the opportunity to bring information from the patient to the PCC via the Care Manager Report. Agendas and forms are covered as a major mechanism to support communication and coordination of information, which may be enhanced by personal contact or by telephone contact. As with clinician education, the effectiveness of the initial care manager predisposing program is increased by DVD/videos.

The Supervising Psychiatrist Training Manual is specifically to help a psychiatrist learn how to serve as the key mental health component in a Three Component Model of depression management in primary care. The psychiatrist reviews cases regularly with the care manager and provides advice to both the care manager and clinicians when treatment modifications are being made. Supplemental portions of the manual describe strategies for enhancing mental health resources and improving communication between mental health professionals and primary care clinicians.

Sample pages from the training manuals are viewable in each section. The complete manuals, guides, and slide presentations can be downloaded in PDF format free of charge by completing a simple informational and agreement form.

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