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Developed through a series of grants from the Macarthur Initiative on Depression and Primary Care to Steven Cole, MD, principal investigator, the Depression Education Program for Primary Care Physicians (DEP) is an 8-hour interactive, learner-centered workshop (given in 2 separate 4-hour sessions) designed to provide primary care clinicians with the basic knowledge and communication skills necessary to assess and manage depression in medical patients. Developed and evaluated in 1998-2002. DEP has an evidence base from randomized, prospective trials supporting its efficacy in improving clinicians’ depression-related interpersonal relationship skills, knowledge of assessment and treatment of depression and self-efficacy for managing depression in their own practices. Though the original DEP workshops were designed for 12 participants and 2 facilitators (usually a psychiatrist and a primary care physician “team”), the materials have been modified to be given in several formats and lengths of time (2 and 4 hours), facilitator background, and number and background of participants (participant groups as large as 50-100 providers, including nurse practitioners, medical aides, psychologists, etc).

The DEP materials posted on this website were updated by Steven Cole, MD in April 2003 for training programs for primary care clinicians affiliated with Federally Qualified Health Centers, with funding provided by the Bureau of Primary Healthcare and administered by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Updated materials include new information on psychopharmacology, a communication-skills device, TACCT (“Tailored Approach for Caring and Counseling Transculturally”), a skills checklist, and role-play exercises.

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