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This website has become the go-to site for thousands of clinicians and many organizations wanting to improve the quality of the care they provide for depression. In our evaluations, our users indicate the extensive evidence base behind this website as one of its primary strengths.

What should a first-time user know? The most commonly accessed item is the Tool Kit, which includes extensive materials related to recognition and treatment of depression. It can be downloaded and provides a comprehensive resource. There is also a series of education manuals directed at primary care clinicians, support psychiatrists, and staff (called Care Managers) who provide telephone support to patients. These can be used alone or in combination with the Tool Kit. They take a more didactic approach to instruction than the Tool Kit and may be worth a look for clinicians who are interested in implementing a more evidence-based approach to their recognition and management of depression.

At the heart of this work is the Three Component Model (3CM), a systematic approach to depression recognition and management that brings together clinicians working in prepared practices with supportive mental health professionals and telephone support for the patient provided by a Care Manager. This team-based approach to depression care was tested in the RESPECT-Depression randomized controlled trial in 60 practices and 5 health care organizations. Similar models had been used in the IMPACT trial and others that preceded RESPECT-Depression.

Some clinicians who access this website are searching for specific materials and are less interested in the comprehensive approach. In the Resources for Clinicians section, it is possible to directly access certain forms, such as the PHQ-9, patient education materials, and also an information guide to antidepressants.

Resources for Organizations is directed at large medical groups, health plans, and employers that are interested in implementing a systematic evidence-based approach to depression care. Of particular interest in this section are 5 implementation stories—narratives from health plans, a community health center, and the Deployment Health Clinical Center of the Department of Defense, describing their experience in implementing the Three Component Model (3CM).

Many clinicians and organizations will find all they need to enhance the quality of their depression care on this website. Some want extra help. Consulting services are available from 3CM, LLC, as described in the Getting Help section.

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